2019 MN Personalized Learning Summit

Location: Chanhassen High School
2200 Lyman Blvd
Chanhassen, MN 55317

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Jess Stewart

Eastern Carver County School
Instructional Coach
Most of my 19 years in education have been as a classroom science teacher at the secondary level. In my current role of peer instructional coach, I've had the opportunity to work in an elementary setting. What a gift! I consistently witness teachers engaging their learners and helping them grow as people. Through the use of inquiry and student dialogue, learners have opportunities to be active participants and leaders in their own learning. By fully engaging with the material and interacting with various perspectives, learners experience personalization as they build important life-long learning skills. My plan is take what I've absorbed from my colleagues and use it to shape how I personalize learning for my future students.